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If You Believe In The Book Of Your Dreams - The World Will Believe In You! 

When I published, "Bittersweet Freedom - What Would You Be Willing To Sacrifice to Live in Freedom? Would It Be Worth the Price? I could not have possibly imagined where the words from my True Story would take me: from unknown author, to radio talk show guest, to motivational speaker,  to columnist for an online magazine, and now, as the Proprietor of my own book publishing company - CARPATHIAN VALLEY BOOK PUBLISHING, LLC.  

I took my first steps as an author hesitantly, with many "ups and downs," questions, concerns, uncertainties with no one to turn to for experienced advice. I know first-hand, the complexity of emotions facing authors today as they take their first steps into the unknown world of publishing their first book, or even their second. 

I'm determined to help new authors learn (and even those already published) about the requirements for a successful book publishing experience, as well as what All Authors Need to Know about the possibility of Placing Their Book upon the shelves of a Major Book Store, and the REQUIRED PLAN for YOU to have the opportunity of having your own Author Book Signing Event in the hallowed halls of a Major Book Store! (I was never informed of what HAD to be done to make author signings possible as well as what MUST be done to assure my book could be placed in a physical bookstore (not just online sales). 

I am here to share the knowledge I have gained during my book Publishing Journey. I am here to guide, support, nurture and mentor authors on the journey to Global Publishing success!  I always tell anyone who has doubts if they will succeed in any endeavor: Believe, and All Things are Possible! 

And they are possible - My life story is the perfect example of never giving up when it feels like the odds are stacked against you!  If you believe in it - you can make it happen!  

Find out how Carpathian Valley Book Publishing can Propel your book into the Wonderful World of Global Publishing and distribution: www.carpathianvalleybookpublishing.com 

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Carpathian Valley Book Publishing is excited to be part of your book's journey around the world!  Everyone has a story waiting to be told!