"BITTERSWEET FREEDOM - What Would You Be Willing To Sacrifice to Live in Freedom? Would it Be Worth the Price?"  is a seven-decade Saga of the author's family - a mesmerizing tale of young, star-crossed lovers caught up in the turbulence of World War II & the 1956 Hungarian Revolution  - the true story of the author's father a 1956 Hungarian Freedom Fighter leading his raggedly armed fellow countrymen onward in their fight again Soviet Oppression, preferring to die fighting in their quest for liberty than to live bound in the Iron Chains of Soviet Domination.  To order:  https://www.amazon.com/BITTERSWEET-FREEDOM-Willing-Sacrifice-Freedom-ebook/dp/B07TMS9NVX  

expert Speaker on Atrocities of Socialism and communism


Judith Bognar Bean - Author and Proprietor Carpathian Valley Books

I was born to a 1956 Freedom Fighter in Budapest, Hungary, and with my parents, survived a barrage of piercing bullets as we made a harrowing escape to  the shores of America, where I was to die as a Hungarian before I was reincarnated into an American Citizen. I've written poems, survived  a drowning, known the despair of loss and the joy of hope, and my soul bears the scars, wounds, and happiness, shared with those who have borne such scars, wounds, and joys.  

I live  with my wonderful husband and brilliant son in a secluded home in the country along with my closest friends: the deer, raccoons, possums, rabbits, squirrels, skunks and one fat cat. 

I have a world full  of dreams left to dream and many books left to write. Life is a miraculous metamorphosis and I urge all my readers to seize each moment of the day and make each minute a lifetime of living!  

I am often asked to be a guest speaker on various live radio broadcast and podcast interviews on the atrocities of COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM.  

If you are seeking a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER for RADIO, TELEVISION, PODCAST, BUSINESS, GROUP, SCHOOL, CHURCH, or other event, please contact me!

Our latest release "BITTERSWEET FREEDOM  What Would You Be Willing To Sacrifice to Live in Freedom? Would it Be Worth the Price?" will take you on unimaginable  journey, filled with joy, sadness, love, and hope. You'll travel from one ocean's shore to another, to a place where dreams come true - but once those dreams do come true, will the personal suffering paid for those dreams be worth the cost?  


The Saga of  "BITTERSWEET FREEDOM  What Would You Be Willing To Sacrifice to Live in Freedom? Would it Be Worth the Price?"  recounts the True, seven-decade epic tale of a 1956 Hungarian Refugee family, written in storybook format, entwined with researched  historical perspective.  The author's father,  a renowned classical musician and Freedom Fighter, with a death sentence pronounced upon him by the Red (Soviet) Army, makes a treacherous and harrowing escape from Hungary with his wife and two-year old daughter (the author), one cold November night in 1956, searching for a beacon of hope shrouded amidst swampy marshland - a small, wooden bridge, waiting to lead the family to a Shining place of Freedom - America. ,

With heart-pounding detail of the cruel atrocities suffered by her parents as children during World War II in Hungary, and the brutality inflicted upon the Hungarian people as the 1956 Revolution shattered their world, Judith chronicles the years between 1933 to 2010. 

But in America – the family must fight the most formidable enemies of all – Ethnic persecution, destitution, communal conflict, and the bitter pain of family dissent and adversity. 

Pure Love is the only power on earth strong enough to carry them through the turbulent tides ebbing away at the foundation of their lives. But is the family’s love powerful enough, strong enough, to sustain them through the bittersweet journey ahead? Only the torrents of time would tell …  



The imagery on the book cover is representative of the family's former lives of oppression in communist Hungary and the new life awaiting them in the Freedom of the United States. 

From left to right:  Rider on the Horse: Francis II Rákóczi was a Hungarian nobleman and leader of the Hungarian uprising against the Habsburgs in 1703-11 as the prince of the Estates Confederated for Liberty of the Kingdom of Hungary. He is considered a Hungarian  Freedom Fighter and National Hero. Horizontally, behind him on his noble steed, proudly wave the colors of the Hungarian Flag (red, white, and green). 

In the background, a gray, colorless sky reflects a world devoid of hope for the Hungarian people amidst the rule of Soviet oppression.  The bridge represents the Bridge of Andau, a tiny, wooden bridge that carried thousands of Hungarians to Freedom to the border of Andau, Austria, during the dark days of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. 

The three figures represent the True Life heroes of our story: a father, mother and their little daughter making their way toward the Icon of Hope before them, the symbol of freedom - The Statue of Liberty, proudly bears her flaming torch of welcome for the little family crossing the bridge into the bright world of Freedom.

The symbol on the bridge behind the family is the Hungarian Coat of Arms, symbolizing the  family's former way of life being left forever behind.